Hemp/canvas Best Friends Red Click n' Go Leash

Our hemp canvas 6 foot Click-N-Go leashes have a quick-release, adjustable handle. Oh so practical.
A side-opening Wienerlock buckle is built into the handle so you can easily tie-up your dog temporarily without having to take the leash off his collar.
Easy to use while you run into the store or dine at your favorite sidewalk bistro.
Also great at picnics, parks and campgrounds where pets must be on a leash.


Leash length - 4ft x 1" (121cm x 25mm)

Why hemp?
Hemp is legendary...Its durability unparalleled. Until the advent of synthetics, cannabis hemp was the standard fiber of the world. In fact, the word "canvas" derives from "cannabis." Hemp is being used today by hundreds of businesses around the world - The Body Shop, Patagonia, Armani, Calvin Klein, BMW, GM/Canada and Mercedes Benz to name a few.

Hemp is durable. It's several times stronger than cotton. It's more resistant to abrasion and tears. It's more resistant to mildew, soiling, shrinkage and the deteriorating effects of the sun.

Hemp is renewable

Hemp grows throughout the world without pesticides or herbicides and naturally fertilizes the soil for future crops.

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