Dog waste bags / dog poo bags + dispenser

Often we are out and about and our little darling just has to go, usually it's in public. Nothing more embarrassing than not having a doggy waste bag on hand. Well, fret no more.. These handy little dog waste bag dispensers will come to your rescue. Contains one roll of doggy waste bags and an extra 2 rolls free! That's 45 bags in total. Attach the dispenser to your dog's collar, lead or keep them in your bag or car. A must-have for every pooch that is out and about.

Dispenser - Blue with white dots
Bags - Blue with white dots
Material - Soft, light-weight fabric with zip.

Our comments: We have clipped one of these dog waste bag dispensers onto Coco's retractable lead. We find the bags easy to tear and the generous size would suit most dogs. A highly recommended product!

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